Named "The Lady Who Paints Pittsburgh" by the many admirers of her work, Mary Lois Verrilla considers preserving the history of Pittsburgh the legacy to her town. Born and raised in Pittsburgh's East Liberty section, Verrilla has made a career out of sharing her love for her city with people around the world.
Watercolor artist Mary Lois Verrilla finds the city and its people so interesting that she has made her living painting the city's neighborhoods, industry, rivers and skyline.
Contact Mary Lois Verrilla:
429 Springdale Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15235

Mary Lois Verrilla
The Lady Who Paints Pittsburgh

All artwork displayed on this website is protected by Title 17 (U.S. Code) and may not be reproduced without written permission of the artist.
New Editions
J&L Southside with Eliza Furnace and 2nd Avenue Mill in background
10 x 11
$75 (print)

While the City Sleeps
Leo Guttman at The Point
15 x 20
$125 (Giclee)

In All Its Glory
Homestead Works with Rankin in backround
12 x 22
$125 (Giclee)
Original (SOLD)

Mary Lois with James Guttman, owner of The
Leo Guttman boat, which is
part of Mon
River Towing.
55 Homesteadwith Rankin Works in background
7 x 10
Dimlings Candy with 53 Carrick Trolley on Liberty Avenue
7 x 10

Kennywood Memories
14 1/2 x 21 1/2

68 Trolley
 Homestead Duquesne Kennywood 
7 x 10 1/2
$40 (print)
$600 (framed original)

11 x 14 1/2
$75 (Gyclee)
11 x 14 1/2
$75 (Gyclee)
From My Garden
11 x 14 1/2
$75 (Gyclee)
West End Overlook
11 x 14 1/2
$80 (Gyclee)
$1100 (framed original)
The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Holiday Card
Each year, Mary Lois is proud to paint the holiday card for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Proceeds from the sale of the 5 x 7 card benefit research, patient financial support and educational programs of the Society. To order the 
cards at $1 apiece, call the Society at 1-800-726-2873 or 412-395-2873.
 (Information sheets about the card will also be in Mary Lois' booth at the
 Three Rivers Arts Festival. The above Gyclee can be purchased by contacting
 Mary Lois at 412-793-9414.)

View from West End
14 1/2 x 21 1/2
$150 (Gyclee)

11 x 14 1/2
$ 1100 (framed original)

The Duck
11 x 14 1/2
$ 80 (Gyclee)
$1100 (framed original)​